Cyber Security - IT, OT & IoT

Traditionally, cybersecurity has been a business problem for the IT environments. However, with the ever increasing convergence of IT with OT (operational technology) environments, cyber threats have become everyone's concern. Organizations have become far more susceptible to cyber threats because digital processes are integrated into day-to-day work processes. Businesses have to migrate to digital process to be competitive and evolutionary, however in doing so, they become ever more exposed to the risk of cyber threat. The attacks themselves, which target both information and critical infrastructure, are also becoming far more sophisticated.

Cyber-risk incidents such as malware, man in the middle, and denial of services can have operational, financial, reputational, and strategic consequences for an organization, all of which come at significant detrimental costs and potentially the loss of business and assets. Simply put, organizations need to up their cybersecurity game with special attention to having a converged IT and OT approach.

We see cybersecurity as the practice of deploying people, policies, processes, and technologies to protect organizations and their critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. We treat it as a continuous process. We provide services and technologies such as vulnerability studies, threat management, intrusion detection and prevention systems, to effectively address the cyber security issues of modern operations. There is no 'off the shelf' approach to cyber security solutions, as each requires a tailor made and customized approach. We are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in dealing with this ever growing economic and societal challenge.