mBELLAb Solutions

The sectors for which we offer industry specific technology solutions and services include (not exhaustive): Power Grids, Water, Oil, Gas, Telecommunications, Smart Cities, Manufacturing and Production Industry, Logistics, and Enterprise Management. Our sector specific solutions range from distributed control, monitoring, metering, control & automation system (SAS), telecommunication, SCADA/EMS/DMS, business intelligence, asset management, analytics, visualization tools for network governance and digital transformation.

We are technology solutions providers, and we operate across a diverse range of sectors. At the core of our business is the digital transformation of our clients' operations and business activities. Our expertise comes from the energy sector wherein we have provided our services to leading private and public oil, gas, electricity and water entities. Over the years, in line with new technologies, opportunities, and market dynamics, our team's expertise has expanded to various other sectors.

More specifically, our solutions include: