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mBELLAb Power Solutions L.L.C. (mBELLAb) is a field intelligent system integration and consultancy company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and specializes in offering solutions to the energy and utilities industries.

We are technology solutions providers, and we operate across a diverse range of sectors. At the core of our business is the digital transformation of our clients' operations and business activities. Our expertise comes from the energy sector wherein we have provided our services to leading private and public oil, gas, electricity and water entities. Over the years, in line with new technologies, opportunities, and market dynamics, our team's expertise has expanded to various other sectors. In our website, we provide a representative and indicative (although, non-exhaustive) list of the sectors and solutions in which we specialize.

mBELLAb provides a range of solutions for the management and operations of energy and utilities companies ranging from field automation, smart grid applications, protection and relays, metering, monitoring, control, telecommunication & automation at the field, station and remote control center(s) to optimizing and securing plant, substation and network operations.

Our bespoke solutions combine hardware, software and development capabilities and requirements with localized system engineering, consultancy, project management and support services in providing full scale turn-key projects. Our services are provided by certified engineers with many years of experience working on automation, protection and information systems.

mBELLAb’s competitive advantage is its capability to source, retain and lead experienced high caliber personnel bringing with them accumulated knowledge of the technologies of such leading companies as IDS, ABB, Microsol, Alstom, IBM, General Electric, Siemens and others. Once trained within the mBELLAb culture, our team is encouraged to provide our clients bespoke and tailor-made solutions with confidence and innovation that surpass rigid boundaries.

Our commitment to excellence and to serving our clients with the highest standards of care uniquely positions us to be the partner of choice for our clients in the fields of automation, protection and information systems within the regions and sectors we operate. We are dedicated to our clients’ objectives and internalize their goals, ambitions and mandates as our own. In this way, we take pride in the solutions we design and the assistance and services we provide to our clients. We bring value to our clients through customization by taking a keen interest in learning about our clients’ requirements, challenges and opportunities and then establishing tailor-made solutions and services. In an ever-increasing cookie-cutter world, we strive to be bespoke while keeping with tried and tested resolutions to everyday challenges and opportunities of our clients.

Deregulation, increased customer expectation, aging assets, increased load, expected return on capital and departing expertise are just some of the recognized global challenges facing our clients. mBELLAb leverages the experience, knowledge and know-how of its management and staff in delivering grid management solutions, SAS, SCADA/EMS/DMS, Telecom, DCS, Feeder Management, RTU, and other solutions in partnership with our clients to effectively and efficiently confront and overcome these challenges.

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