The modern SCADA system is an integration of infrastructure, communication and network technologies. mBELLAb is specialized in delivering all three of these major components for a more advanced, intelligent and sustainable operation. We are experts in utility infrastructure implementation, paired with leading communications design, including network infrastructure and deployment. This gives us the valued perspective needed to design and deploy state-of-the-art SCADA systems that will support our clients’ businesses and operations for the long term.

mBELLAb’s SCADA and other engineering services has been for clients within the electricity, water, oil and gas sectors as well as others whom require our specialized knowledge of design, construction, operations, and maintenance of systems and networks. We are focused not only on the project at hand, but also the short and long term business goals of our clients. Correspondingly, our team has been built with the experience to plan, design, procure, and construct distributed generation, transmission, distribution, substation, and telecommunication projects.

We also perform rate and cost of service analysis studies, and an entire array of system studies using the latest technology to enable our clients to provide reliable, cost efficient power and related services.

In summary, mBELLAb’s engineering services include:

  • project and construction management,
  • quality control,
  • engineering design,
  • procurement and material logisticsinstallation and integration,
  • network analysis,
  • design and implementation,
  • factory testing, and
  • testing and commissioning.