Distribution Services

Distribution operators face multiple challenges as they work to ensure reliable service to their customers. Addressing these challenges requires specialized knowledge. mBELLAb has the tools and expertise to help improve the efficiency and operability of our clients’ systems and meet the high standards of performance required in today’s ever-demanding environments.

We provide innovative design solutions for optimization and equipment expansion, and we help add system stability through leading-edge technology and the development of maintenance programs. mBELLAb’s thorough understanding of overhead and underground systems, combined with an innovative culture, results in resolutions for even the most challenging situations. 

Smart grid technology is in the forefront of discussions about distribution systems today. We understand that the term “smart grid” can mean many different things, so mBELLAb’s engineering teams are prepared to design the right approach for each client’s system. Our diverse knowledge and understanding of distribution systems enables us to apply the right standards to any project. We will provide the advice our clients’ need to make the soundest investment possible for their systems.

Distribution automation is emerging as one of the most immediate and cost-effective solutions that utility operators integrate for a smarter electric grid. Our experience with complex systems, automation control, communication networks and system management enables us to meet the challenges of any situation. We can help identify a system’s automation needs, design a solution to fit the situation, and then work to deliver thereon.